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Every end is a new beginning...

The Dairy Creme is not only a staple in the Central Vermont community, it has been a staple in the Dodge's lives for the past 27 years. However, with Laurie retiring from the Post Office at the end of 2023, it is time for Cliff to follow suit and hang up the creemee making gloves. 


It's the end of an era for the entire Dodge family, as it's been family owned and operated since they day they purchased it, and it's a huge opportunity to be the start of a new beginning for someone else! Is that you?


Business Overview:

The Dairy Creme is located in Montpelier the Capital City of Vermont. The primary customer-base is Washington County which has a population of 61,142 (2023 census). The Dairy Creme also serves regular customers from around the state including sport team busses, and tourist.


Average daily traffic count is 1,999 (2020 most current Vermont Agency of Transportation data).

Peak volume days have reached 2,000 items/customers served.


The Dairy Creme operates with Electro Freeze machines (6 included in sale - see equipment list) and has two 1950's H.C. Duke A-frame style machines in the building, one is operational and one is not. These machines pay homage to the history of the evolution of the creemee machine over time but could easily be removed to make way for newer machines.


Featuring a production-style work environment, the Dairy Creme uses the modern day restaurant Point-Of-Sale (POS) set up to immediately fire orders from the cashier to the production team to ensure customers are served as efficiently as possible.

The Dairy Creme also sells an average of 650-700 tons of wood pellets beginning in the late summer, making it a year-round business. While pellets are offered as available for pickup, the majority of customers have them delivered to their homes, a service provided for a fee by the Dairy Creme.


Opportunities for Growth:

The Dairy Creme does not use any marketing platforms and relies solely on word-of-mouth and repeat business currently. A marketing plan, including the use of social media, could be very beneficial for the new owners.

Cliff enjoys his winters in Florida and ends the pellet sales while there's still demand for them. Continuing the pellet business further into the winter season and/or offering a greater number available for delivery will increase the revenue for this side of the business. 

Historically, the Dairy Creme had a presence at the Vermont Mountaineers (NECBL) ballpark which has an average attendance of 1,400 per game. They host approximately 22 home games during their regular season (June - July). Exploration into renewing an agreement at this location and/or other types of community involvement opportunities could increase revenue for the new owners.

Sale Details

The Dairy Creme, including the real estate and both the creemee and wood pellet business, is being offered at $650,000.


The Sale Includes:

Creemees and Food

  • The commercial real estate located at 320 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602

  • All of the furniture, fixtures, equipment, and current inventory at the time of sale*.

  • All tangible and non-tangible business assets.

*Inventory value TBD at the time of sale


Wood Pellets

  • 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab

  • 2 Pellet Haulers

  • 2 Pallet Jacks

  • 6 Ton Forklift

  • Pellet Inventory*

  • 150-200 Person Customer List/Book of Business

*Inventory value TBD at the time of sale

The Dairy Creme will stay open until the transfer of ownership to not lose the active customer base.

Separation of the creemee/food side and the wood pellet side is not preferred at this time. 

Download the Sales Details (Including the FF&E) Here

For More Information

Interested parties should submit the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement along with proof of funds (bank statement for cash purchase or a pre-approval letter from a financial institution) using the form below.


Print, sign, and upload this Non-Disclosure Agreement.pdf along with your proof of funds.

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Received! Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch soon.
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