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Family Owned and Operated

The Dairy Creme has been family-owned and operated since Cliff and Laurie Dodge purchased it in 1997. When you choose to visit the DC you're not only creating an experience and memories for you and your loved ones, you're supporting a local, hard-working family who greatly appreciates your patronage. Thank you!

Dairy Creme A&W Building

A unique history.

The Dairy Creme has an interesting story. When Interstate 89 was constructed an old A&W building was relocated from its location in Middlesex to Montpelier.


A well-known international soft serve chain was also no longer using two of its original 1950's machines (coined the "big machines" or the "plop machines" by Dairy Creme customers over the years), and they were available for purchase.


Through a unique merging of an old A&W building and these machines, the Dairy Creme was born!


The building has been through many remodels over the years, survived floods, and is still family-owned and operated today. 

Creemees and lunch.

Over the years the DC expanded to offer a food menu and flavored creemees. When the Dodge's purchased the business in 1997 the two creemee machines in the building were separate, standalone machines. A traditional vanilla and chocolate twist cone wasn't even available! They've added several machines and are proud to offer quality creemee options with flavors infused into the mix rather than hand-mixed to preserve the texture by keeping excess air out of the creemee.

With the addition of the food menu, today you can get both lunch and creemees at the DC.

Dairy Creme Building Fourth of July.png
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