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Diversity Students

Ideal Employee

Customer Service

Character Traits:

Team player, likes fast-paced work, likes people.



Keeping things clean, picking up, staying tidy, showing up early or on time, stays positive, smiles often.


Can stand and walk for several hours at a time, can lift moderately heavy items, can make good-looking food.

The Perfect Seasonal Job

The Dairy Creme is a fast-paced, production-style foodservice environment. While we like to listen to music and have a good time, we also move at a steady pace for several hours at a time, serving up quality creemee and food products to our amazing customers!

The ideal candidate for this job is a friendly people-person who enjoys staying busy and being a master at making good-looking desserts. They thrive in a team environment, like meeting new people, and are typically described as outgoing.

Available Positions


Responsible for preparing, cooking, and packaging all food, beverages, and meals. Excellent organizational skills are required. Incumbent must be able to read food orders showing in real-time and cook according to priority. Common sense is a must! This position is also responsible for the preparation of milkshakes and blizzards. Very fast-paced work, especially demanding during lunchtime and after 7 PM.

Minimum 20 hours a week, nights and weekends required. See below for additional duties*


This position is responsible for preparing the majority of the creemee items ordered. Cones and sundaes make up a large percentage of daily tasks. Incumbent must be detail-oriented and have an eye for 'near perfection'. Quality is very important in this position. This position is very busy during various parts of the day and will help cover Station 1 during slower times.

Minimum 20 hours a week, nights and weekends required. See below for additional duties*

Work Experience & Additional Duties

Past Work Experience

*Additional Duties

If you have past experience that's great, let us know about it. If you don't, that's okay too. We understand that this is the first job for many of our employees. As long as you show up with a positive attitude and are willing to learn, we're happy to be your first work experience!

These tasks are expected of all employees regardless of their position:

  • Each position has a daily 'to-do' list. Satisfactory completion of this list for each shift will be required.

  • Other tasks include, but are not limited to:

    • stocking inventory​

    • moderate to heavy lifting

    • making flavored creemee mix

    • cleaning

    • cutting down cardboard

    • bringing cardboard and garbage to the dumpsters

    • picking up the parking lot

    • washing exterior windows


These expectations apply to all employees:

  • Teamwork is a must. All employees must work together to complete orders.

  • All employees must be of neat appearance and adhere to food preparation rules and guidelines as well as provide excellent customer service.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Ice Cream

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