Wood Pellets Montpelier, VT

Pellet Orders

The creemee stand closed on Sunday, September 12th for the 2021 season. Thank you for a great summer!

Wood pellets are still available.

Dairy Creme Wood Pellets

Great creemees and great times!

The Dairy Creme is a seasonal creemee stand located in the capital of Vermont. Just outside the busiest streets of Montpelier, the DC has become a local hotspot during the summer months.

Ice Cream

The Dairy Creme was recently featured in the Seven Days Fourth Creemee Tour.

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Birthday Games
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Wooden Nickels

The Dairy Creme sells wooden nickels that are good for a free small cone. They are great for:

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Party Favors

creamee_imprint (1).jpg

Team Gifts

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Teachers & Bus Drivers

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Egg Hunt Prizes

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To Say "Thank you"

You can get wooden nickels at the Dairy Creme. If you need a large quantity in the off-season call or text 802.793.4222.

Little League Team Hands In
Dairy Creme A&W Building

Change can be good!


We’ve Got Fans

“I love the Dairy Creme. My favorite thing is a hot fudge sundae with cotton candy creemee, sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry!”

Serena V. - age 7