about the dairy creme

"green" choices

The Dairy Creme actively participates in an all-in-one recycling program, recycling over 4 tons of materials each season. Creemee dishes are all #2 recyclable plastic and food containers are made from polypropylene, not styrofoam. 

sanitary service

The Dairy Creme register is a complex system meant to provide fast and accurate service, organize complex orders for employees, and to keep service sanitary. Your creemee is served by someone wearing gloves that hasn't touched money.

dietary considerations

The soft serve industry doesn't offer an extensive lineup of alternative dietary choices, however, the Dairy Creme offers what it can. We have non-dairy creemees (sometimes flavored) and gluten free cones. Ask for them at the register.

The Dairy Creme is a seasonal soft-serve creemee stand located in the capital of Vermont. Just outside the busiest streets of Montpelier, the Dairy Creme has become a local hot spot during the summer months. The Dairy Creme stands out from the rest in many ways, not only operating a complex register and production software system but still using mass-production creemee machines built in the 1950s for some of the highest quality creemee available.

The Dairy Creme has been family-owned and operated since Cliff and Laurie Dodge purchased it in 1997. You can often see their grandchildren visiting during the summer months. As the third generation, their grandchildren look to make themselves useful when possible, most often as taste testers!

When you choose to visit the Dairy Creme you're not only creating an experience and memories for you and your loved ones, you're supporting a local, hard-working, family who greatly appreciates your patronage.

Other Information About the dairy creme



budget friendly

In today's economy, many people have eliminated extra spending from their budgets. A visit to the Dairy Creme won't break the bank and the sizes are more than generous. A standard large cone is nearly an entire pint of creemee piled high!


An old A&W building and two creemee machines built in the 1950's were relocated to establish the Dairy Creme you see today. The building has been through many remodels, survived two floods, and is still family owned and operated.

the equipment

The creemees at the Dairy Creme are truly unique. With two old fashioned machines built in the 1950's that make the "plop" creemees, to newer twist soft serve machines, there's a wide variety of flavors and textures available.