Responsible for preparing, cooking and packaging all food, beverages and meals. Excellent organizational skills required. Incumbent must be able to read food orders showing in real time and cook according to priority. Common sense is a must! This position is also responsible for the preparation of milkshakes, blizzards and retrieval of novelties. Very fast paced work, especially demanding during lunch time and after 7pm. Minimum 20 hours a week, nights and weekends required. See below for additional duties*

We would like to give all our employees a standing ovation for the quality of work they produce every day and at a production speed that keeps our business successful. Making creemees is ALOT harder than it looks. Many of you have probably tried making your own at restaurants that provide a machine for public use. Our machines are much bigger and produce at a much faster rate than the machines you've probably used.

It takes on average 4-6 weeks to become fully trained at the Dairy Creme working at least 30 hours a week. That is 1/5 of our season dedicated to training each employee! The employees that you see working on each of your visits are all in various stages of the training program or have completed the training program and are helping others to learn. We have employees in training the whole season and are very proud of those that are successful in becoming 'professional creemee makers!' We have learned over the years that there really is an art to making creemees and as several applicants find that aren't successful, it's much harder than it looks but they've had a great time trying!

Traditionally the Dairy Creme has attracted a young age group of females as the majority of applicants. however, we always look forward to receiving applications from an older crowd and both male and females. As many of you have experienced as customers, we have a very limited staff during the school season because most of our employees are high school and college age. We enjoy working with that age group but always encourage anyone looking for a fast-paced job in a production type setting without the school schedule to apply as well.

Nights, days and weekends required. Must be of neat appearance and able to work at a fast pace. Pay based on performance.

Additional Duties:

These tasks and requirements are expected from all employees regardless of position: Teamwork is a must. All employees must be able to work together to complete orders. All employees must be of neat appearance and adhere to food preparation rules and guidelines as well as provide excellent customer service. Each position has a daily 'to-do' list. Satisfactory completion of this list every shift will be required. Other tasks include, but are not limited to: stocking inventory, moderate to heavy lifting, making flavored creemee, cleaning, cutting down cardboard, bringing cardboard and garbage to the dumpsters and outdoor maintenance such as picking up the parking lot and washing windows.


This position serves customers at the window and is responsible for quality control and helping to train new employees. This position also helps customers with questions or concerns. Available only to experienced employees and will be available in-house only to those who qualify.

This position also completes daily work on Stations 1 and 2 as needed. Minimum 30 hours a week, nights and weekends required. See below for additional duties*



This position is responsible for preparing the majority of creemee items ordered. Cones and sundaes make up a large percentage of daily tasks. Incumbent must be detail oriented and have an eye for 'near perfection'. Quality is very important in this position. This position is very busy during various parts of the day and will help cover Station 1 during slower times.

Minimum 20 hours a week, nights and weekends required. See below for additional duties*



Additional Positions

Register/Cashier (Available Only to Current Employees): This position is available only to experienced employees and will be available in-house only to those who qualify. Minimum 30 hours per week, nights and weekends required. See additional duties above*

Mountaineers Games: This position requires the ability to work directly with the general public to take and complete orders. This position would not be ideal for someone whom may be considered shy or soft-spoken. Hours and schedule vary with the Mountaineers season. Incumbent MUST commit to all regular season home games, makeup games and the home playoff games. Your schedule may sometimes be "to be determined" and may result in last minute cancellations of games or games canceled mid-play. Hours are not guaranteed. Applicants that wish to work around their full-time jobs will be considered. See additional duties above*